About Dominik Sarapata

“The only way to predict the future is to create it.”Peter Drücker

With this quote in mind I left my IT career a good few years ago. I realized I had a different way of living in mind and I would not be able to realize it there. Besides I wanted to be my own boss.

Since then I started to work in the area of my passions: adventure sports and yachting for the beginning. The first result of my passions is Naleia Yachting where I organize flotilla sailing holidays, the second Sail-Planet where I share my expertise on yacht charters, boat rentals and nautical tourism in general.

I love being the invisible organizer of events and gatherings. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to see the results of my work – happy people. I like to eat well, do various sort of sports, learn, travel, and naturally… sail!

My Core Values

I practice honesty

First and foremost I practice honesty both in my business life, as well as private. I believe that only straightforward, true and honest communication is making our world a better place. What does this mean for yacht charters? I will advise you like I would be advising my relative or my friend. For example, I will tell you if I think your charter choice is i.e. too expensive, too big, too old, …, or just perfect!

Your Satisfaction First

No matter what type or size of the yacht, I support you the same way and deliver 100% of effort to make your yachting holiday the way you want it. The support is given before, during and after your yacht charter period. I have seen it all and I usually have ready made solutions for the questions you have. Just relax and dive into the reality on board!

long-term relationship

I aim to build a long-term relationship with every client and partner. I strongly believe that if I apply honesty and care about your satisfaction you will get used to this standard and will be coming year after year.

Sailing Community

Except delivering the best service to you, I work to build up a sailing community all around the globe. I focus the most on sailors, but other personas in this environment are also yacht owners, marina and port crews, restaurant owners, etc… Ask me and I will be happy to connect you!

Need support organizing your sailing dream?

Tell me about it and let us make it happen together!