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I am happy to advise you on your next yacht charter!

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Sat: 10-8pm

Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Finding your yacht charter in Caribbean starts with choosing a region in which to charter a boat. Therefore, please have a look below at a general overview of each Caribbean Charter region that we prepared.

Aerial photo of a Catamaran Chartered in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.  This is a perfect location for Yacht Charter in Caribbean.

British Virgin Islands

Most popular yacht charter destination in the Caribbean due to it`s rich maritime infrastructure. Many catamarans and sailboats to charter are available as well as many secure anchorages, sea turtles, palms and sandy beaches!


  • Popular yacht charter region
  • Many small islands close to each other
  • Great sailing infrastructure

Saint Martin

The cuisine, language and traditions were formed by a mix of French, Dutch, local and African cultures and resulted in Creole culture. It is yet another tropical paradise and a perfect starting point to explore Leeward Caribbean islands on your chartered yacht.


  • Reasonable flight tickets
  • Creole culture
  • Jumbojets landing overhead on Moho Beach

A couple on the beach of Saint Martin. Airplane approaching bringing sailors who charter yachts in the Caribbean.
Aerial photo of St Vincent & The Grenadines. It is a perfect location to charter a catamaran or a sailboat for sailing holidays. This is a great location for finding your Yacht Charter in Caribbean.

St Vincent & The Grenadines

A location in which you just need to sail on a one-way route. 7 days is enough to sail from St Vincent to Grenada but preferably sail for 14 days. You will be sailing along little islands (Grenadines), cays and reefs enjoying a perfect breeze in your sails.


  • Great sailing infrastructure
  • Numerous little islands and cays
  • Perfect for one-way sailing route


Also known as `Spice Isle` Grenada marks the southern end of Grenadines islands. It is a perfect location to start or finish sailing to/from St Vincent. Prepare for great sailing with trade winds always filling your sails.


  • Great sailing infrastructure
  • Local fresh spices
  • Rich volcanic soils fuel vegetation

Waterfront of Grenada. Colorful houses and tropical vegetation are the background for perfect yacht charter experience.
Two old classic cars in Cuba. Yacht Charter in Cuba is possible on southern and northern shore.


Charter grounds in Cuba will present you with flat cays lined with white sandy beaches and palms. Free roaming iguanas, sea turtles, dolphins, and shallow, turquoise waters will surround you. It`s out of the main tourist track so prepare for remoteness.


  • Free roaming iguanas
  • Long, white sandy beaches
  • Undeveloped and remote region

Antigua and Barbuda

On the line where Atlantic ocean and Caribbean sea meet lay a few islands on independent commonwealth country. Known for reefs, rainforests and best sunrises is a bit less known destination.


  • Still genuine location
  • Sunrise over Atlantic
  • 17 miles palm beach

Aerial photo of a turquoise bay in Antigua and Barbuda. Sailboat under full sails is visible. This is a perfect location for chartering a catamaran on a sailboat.
A little sailboat anchored off a remote beach in U.S. Virgin Islands. Perfect Catamaran Charters and Sailboat charters are available here.

U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. territory of Virgin Islands is as beautiful as the British one. There is less yachts cruising these grounds and it is also easier to arrive then to neighbouring region so you may consider sailing here out of practical reasons.


  • Easy arrival
  • Great rum distilleries
  • Well developed economy


A rugged Caribbean island belonging to Windward Islands is under the governance of France. Great starting point for island hopping which can include: St Lucia, Dominica, and Guadeloupe.


  • Great island hopping
  • Easy to arrive from France
  • Yet another Caribbean paradise

Panoramic photo of volcano in the Martinique. Charter yachts are anchored off the coast.

Other Paradise Yacht Charter Locations

Except yacht charter in the Caribbean our search engine lists yachts to charter in other locations. There is many more charter regions around the world that can satisfy the lust for paradise-islands. Feel free to explore yachts available in these locations.

Aerial photo of Catamaran Yacht Charter in Seychelles. A beautiful beach with Coco De Mer palms, white sandy beaches and turqoise waters.
A photo of long-tail wooden boat in Thailand. In the background limestone cliffs and sailboats chartered in Thailand.
Aerial photo of an island in French Polynesia. It is possible to find Yacht Charter in French Polynesia after clicking this image.

Our yacht charter booking engine lists all of these and many other yacht charter locations. Feel free to find a boat you like.
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