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I am happy to advise you on your next yacht charter!

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Mon-Fri: 9-9pm
Sat: 10-8pm

Yacht Charter in France

Chartering a yacht in France starts with choosing a region in which to rent a boat. Therefore, please have a look below at a general overview of each French sailing region that we prepared.

Charter Yachts in France anchored in a little port of Brittany.


Brittany is a hilly peninsula lying in the North-western coast of France at the Atlantic coast. It offers a perfect sailing-friendly coastline with many bays, coves and inlets providing remote shelter for a night on anchor. Additionally you can practice sailing on tidal waters!


  • Abundant prehistoric megaliths
  • Tiny charming French villages
  • Tidal waters sailing

French Riviera

Also known as Cote d`Azur, the Mediterranean coast in the south of France is well known for its warm climate, great food and splendid beaches. Home to many famous, rich and powerful is a place to visit at least once in a lifetime.


  • 50% of world`s superyacht fleet
  • Hyeres Islands and Calanques
  • Marseille, Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez…

Charter Yachts in French Riviera moored in front of a hilly peninsula. A beautiful fortified city is built on the top of a hill surrounded by cliffs. Blue sky in the background.
One of the volcano hills on Martinique is visible in the distance. Charte yachts anchored in front of the beach.


A rugged Caribbean island belonging to Windward Islands is under the governance of France. Great starting point for island hopping which can include: St Lucia, Dominica, and Guadeloupe.


  • Great island hopping
  • Easy to arrive from France
  • A caribbean paradise as you imagine


A large Mediterranean island of Corsica is offering a mix of stylish coastal towns, dense forests and craggy peaks to explore. With a sailboat you will reach most remote beaches and bays to enjoy tranquility.


  • Mountainous coastline rich in bays
  • Wind guarantee in the Straight of Bonifacio
  • Visit Sardinia within just one week sail

Hilly terrain of Corsica is visible. Blue seaside is entering the bay and charter yachts are sailing on it.
One of the paradise bays in Guadeloupe which is a French overseas territory. Charter yachts anchored in the bay.


Situated in the Leewards Caribbean islands this hilly islands resembles a butterfly. Paradise beaches, palms and trade winds makes this a great sailing region to be visited during winter time on the north hemisphere.


  • Escape cold European winter
  • Great winds and remote locations
  • Basse-Terre Island


Is the region laying just next to the bay of Biscay where the Gulf stream keeps the temperatures moderate all year long. Winds are quite common and waves frequent so this is not a region for inexperienced sailors.


  • Start here and explore Basque Country
  • Visit France and Spain within one week
  • Coastline sailing

A little palace is built on the hill nearby the seaside. This is a common view while sailing the coast of Aquitaine on a chartered yacht.

Other Charter Regions Nearby

There is many more charter regions nearby France. Barcelona to south. Sardinia, Tuscany and Elba to the south-east. Feel free to explore yachts available in these locations.

Sagrada familia is visible from the air together with the large part of Barcelona city. Click this image to browse yachts to charter in Barcelona.
Charter Sailboats sailing in the background. In the foreground a beautiful blue and green water on Sardinian coast.
A beautiful view of medieval city built on Elba. Many yachts are available to charter for sailing holidays around the Tuscany and Elba.

Our yacht charter booking engine lists all of these and many other yacht charter locations. Feel free to find a boat you like.
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