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I am happy to advise you on your next yacht charter!

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Mon-Fri: 9-9pm
Sat: 10-8pm

Yacht Charter in Greece

Chartering a yacht in Greece starts with choosing a region in which to rent a boat. Therefore, please have a look below at a general overview of each Greek sailing region that we prepared.

Hillside buildings in a little port of Hydra, which is the most popular destination while chartering a yacht from Athens.

Athens Area

Very popular sailing and cruising region due to the vicinity of Athens international airport. Set out from there to visit beautiful ports of Poros, Hydra or Aegina. Ancient temples, little villages and remote bays await.


  • Easy arrival and departure
  • Ancient temples and amphitheatres
  • Donkey ride in Hydra

Cyclades Area

Cyclades is a group of large islands lying on the Aegean sea. In the summer strong Meltemi wind blow always with at least 4Bfts so this is a sailing region for experienced sailors. It will reward with austere beauty and a genuine feel to it.


  • Whitewashed houses with Blue roofs
  • Great winds, advanced sailing
  • Enchanting village of Santorini

Whitewashed houses with blue rooftops in Santorini. Most popular destination in Cyclades yacht charter region.
Yacht anchored and colorful houses in Dodecanse in Greece. Very authentic yacht charter region.

Dodecanese Area

The closest sailing region to Turkey allows to sail over the boarder and visit two countries in one sailing trip! Except Rhodes all other islands in this region are not very developed and life still goes there in a slow, undisturbed pace.


  • Best to experience Greek lifestyle
  • Sail to Turkey and back
  • Rhodes island

Epirus Area

Being on the mainland next to the Ionian Islands area, Epirus may seem to be left out from the charts.
This however makes it a perfect starting point to sail along the coast and reach Corfu or southern Ionian Islands. Yacht charter in Greece tend to be more affordable here.


  • Affordable Charters
  • Sail north to Corfu or South to Lefkada
  • Coastline sailing

Stunning landscape of Epirus area. Quite unknown yacht charter region in western Greece.
Yachts Anchored on Zakynthos. Beach with a shipwreck. Very popular yacht charter region in western Greece.

Ionian Islands Area

Lushly forested, green islands of the Ionian Sea lure sailors with countless fiord-like bays, little ports and calm winds perfect for beginners. It is said that most beautiful beaches in Greece (i.e. Myrtos beach) are to be found here.


  • Great for beginners
  • Shipwreck on Zakynthos
  • Family sailing friendly

Macedonia Area

Hillside sailing along peninsulas with mountain tops in the distance is what you can expect from Macedonia sailing region. This is not very popular sailing region but the ones cruising here will find tranquility and peace.


  • Mountains near the shore
  • Away from mass nautical tourism
  • Islands of Thasos

Yacht Anchored in Macedonia Area. A great Yacht Rental region in Greece.
Remote corners of Sporades. Northern Yacht Charter region in Greece.

Sporades Area

While seeting sailis in this little but very attractive sailing region of Greece you can almost certainly count on spotting dolphins and possibly sea turtles. Winds here are moderate and there is many nature protection areas, so it is perfect for nature lovers!


  • Amazing nature and remote areas
  • Moderate winds
  • Marine mammals to be spotted

Yacht Charter Regions Nearby Greece

There is many more charter regions nearby Greece. Montenegro is to the north. Turkey is to the east and Italy to the west. Feel free to explore yachts available in these locations.

Montenegro is another great yacht charter area. It lies north of Ionian Sea area.  Click the image to browse yachts to charter in Montenegro.
Yacht Charter in Turkey
Yacht Charter in Italy

Our yacht charter booking engine lists all of these and many other yacht charter locations. Feel free to find a boat you like.
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