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I am happy to advise you on your next yacht charter!

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Mon-Fri: 9-9pm
Sat: 10-8pm

Yacht Charter in Spain

Chartering a yacht in Spain starts with choosing a region in which to rent a boat. Therefore, please have a look below at a general overview of each Spanish sailing region that we prepared.


Well known for it`s nightlife, parties with world famous DJs and a beautiful scenery Ibiza invites for a sailing holiday that mixed partying, sailing and chilling.


  • Great nightlife
  • Good winds and secure ports
  • Tropical vegetation

Seaside of Ibiza. A perfect destination for yacht charter holidays.
Charter yacht anchored in a turquoise-water bay in Balearic Islands.  Blue sky and green pine trees are in the background.


Famous island belonging to the group of Balearic Islands just off the eastern coast of the Iberic peninsula. Good winds, plenty of options for overnight anchorage and a great and tropical vegetation is what you find on that island.


  • For party tigers: overnight sail to Ibiza
  • For family holidays: Mallorca
  • For nature lovers: Menorca

Canary Islands

These majestic volcanic islands with it`s snowy peaks (highest 3718m) and dramatic cliffs provide a spectacular background for sailing. Each of the islands is different so prepare for variety of impressions on this sailing holiday.


  • Volcanic Islands with black sand
  • Great and steady winds
  • Sailing even in winter

Seaside of one of the Canary Islands. It is a great region for finding your yacht charter in Spain even in the winter.
An aerial photo of Barcelona city. It is possible to charter yachts directly from the port of Barcelona and sail the coast nearby.


Coastline sailing in Catalunya will show you the best beaches from the other side. Many harbours along the way will provide shelter for the night and grant access to lively city centers. Unwind and relax.


  • Discover the coast from the other side
  • Stay in Barcelona and sleep on a yacht
  • Visit Barcelona and sail away


A port town that never stops to innovate and invest in arts and sciences is a perfect starting point for keen sailors. From here you can sail overnight to Balearic islands and on the way back visit a few beautiful long and sandy beaches along the coast.


  • Sail overnight to Balearic Islands
  • Out of the beaten track location
  • Valencia: a port town of arts, science

Entrance to the port in Valencia where you can find boats available for yacht charter in Spain.

Yacht Charter Regions Nearby

There is many more charter regions nearby Spain. French Riviera also known as Cote d`Azur to the north. Sardinia (Italy) and Corsica (France) to the east. Feel free to explore yachts available in these locations.

French Riviera
Dramatic cliff with a town on the top of it. Just at the foot of the cliff a marina with boats available for yacht charter in French Riviera.
Turquoise water and orange rock of the coast of Sardinia. Some charter boats sailing in the background.
A hilly seaside of Corsica. Blue sea and rocky shores visible. This is a beautiful sailing regions and many charter yachts are available.

Our yacht charter booking engine lists all of these and many other yacht charter locations. Feel free to find a boat you like.
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